Coming Up Dry

One thing that I’ve noticed… and I mean DISTINCTLY noticed since going sober is that my interest in sex has tanked faster than Drake’s libido after he was kissed by Madonna. 

I’ve always had a healthy appetite, even to the point where I recently had to get myself off five times in one day. But since Day Zero, that lust has faded. I’ve reached deep into my spank bank for the best material, I’ve found some great porn vids that would normally have made me dump a load and have me snoring in less time than a prime time TV commercial break. 

Now? Yeah right. I can barely even get turned on. I did get off yesterday evening though for the first time in a couple of weeks. I just hope this trend continues. 

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Out of joint.

It’s called a Posterior Dislocation. 

Basically, the upper joint on my humerus was forced out of its socket in the shoulder towards the back rather than out the front like the majority of dislocations tend to occur. I can’t say from personal experience whether one is more painful than the other as this is the first time I’ve ever dislocated my shoulder. All I can say is that it hurt… A LOT.

The real question is with respect to the severity of the damage I’ve done. Have I torn my rotator cuff? Only an MRI will tell me and that’s something that I’m booked in for tomorrow evening. From there, I find out if I have to go under the knife to repair it. The suspense is killing me, I swear. 

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Prudes these days 


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How I feel when reviewing my Facebook feed:


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Ten Days Sober

I’ve finished ten days of sobriety. Admittedly, I’m an alcoholic and it took a 36+ hour bender followed by a withdrawal seizure where I dislocated my arm in the process to commit me to sobriety. Granted, I’m off work right now on short term disability however things have been going well on my recovery. Going back to work will be the real test of my fortitude but, at this moment, I feel liberated. I feel like I’ve cast off the shackles that alcoholism has clasped around my ankles and wrists. It feels really positive. 

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The Longest Day

Back to work after a long weekend… and I had no coffee. That shit should be illegal. 

Normally, I stop at Starbucks and grab a venti Americano but… I’m a little on the poor side until that glorious event known as ‘Pay Day’. Then! I shall be caffeinated again. 

And the people shall once again rejoice. 

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What Women Want

In this situation, what is running through a woman’s mind? It’s a heat of the moment kind of thing, what is driving you? Please share in the comments. 


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